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William WEBB (1790-1850), tailor of Bermondsey

line of ancestry and descent for William Webb (1790-1850)

William Webb was Neil's great great great grandfather. He was born to Samuel Webb, a carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth on 4 April 1790 and baptised at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. At the time of William's birth, the family were living at 5 Foot Lane, Bermondsey. This information comes from baptismal records for William from Dockland Ancestors and the marriage certificate of William's second marriage.

From the baptismal records of William's children, we know that his first marriage was to a Sarah.

There is some doubt about Sarah's surname. According to one record is was McNeal and according to another it was Leonard.

William was a tailor for most of his working life, although in 1810 his occupation was given as a sailmaker, and, according to his 1848 will, he was by then also a coffee shop owner. His address in 1816 was Queen Street.

However the address on his daughter's baptismal record in 1825 was 'workhouse'. It is probabble that his drunkenness put the family there, as various pieces of evidence through various branches of the family showed that he was passionately for "the good of Total Abstinance" and regretted his "former errors" in that connection. He begged his family "to avoid the maddening drink as they would the deadlyist poison". (The quotations are from his will.)

Declaration of abstinence for the Bermondsey Total Abstinence Society, 
          signed by William Webb, Registrar, 1843

He became the Registrar of the Bermondsey Total Abstinence Society.

By 1829 the family had moved to Stepney, a tailoring district where William again found work. The address of 2 Bedford Place, Rotherhithe was given on one of his son's marriage certificate in 1839, but this might have been where the son was setting up home, rather than where William and Sarah were living.

William was widowed sometime before 1841, with Sarah having given him the following children.

As was the custom of the time, the widowed William went on to marry again. His new wife was another Sarah, as indicated by the 1841 census for John Street, Bermondsey. It showed William, now age 51, a tailor, with wife, Sarah, age 26, a baby named yet another Sarah and son John, age 12. Thanks to Julia Brown, a descendant of William and this Sarah, we know that this she was born Sarah Attrige or Hatridge. (Both spellings occur in the various documents.) The marriage took place on 24 September 1837 at St George, Camberwell (the same church as William's son William Frederick married two years earlier). This Sarah gave William two more children:

According to William's death certificate, he died on 6th December 1850 at 7 Margaret Place, Newington, aged 60 years. His occupation was given as a tailor, the cause of death asthma and heart disease and his address was the same as was to show for his widow in the 1951 census. The death was reported by neighbour Sarah Senton of 8 Margaret Place. We do not yet know when his second wife, Sarah, died. William's 1848 will was kept in Julia Brown's family and was never proven.

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