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Alex/Alec CRYER (1964-1927) of Pilchers, Tooley Street

Alexander George Cryer, young

Alexander George Cryer as a young man

This page summarises what is known of Alexander George Cryer (1864-1927), managing director of Pilchers in Tooley Street, Bermondsey. He was Neil's grandfather.

He was born on 17 May 1864 at 10 Church Street, Bermondsey to Alexander Robert Cryer and his wife, born Emma Giles. We do not, as yet, know where he was educated.

Maria Alice Webb known as Rydie

Maria Alice Cryer as a young woman

He married Maria Alice Webb (Neil's grandmother) who was born on 20 November 1865 at 33 Willow Walk, Bermondsey, and was known in the family as Rydie. We do not yet know where she was educated or how she was later employed, but we do know that she was living at 37 Thomas Street, Bermondsey before she married.

The couple married at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, on 6 Oct 1891 and then lived at 37 Tanner Street, Bermondsey. At the times of the births of various of their children, their addresses were also 116 Waller Road, Bermondsey and4 Arbuthnot Road, New Cross. They then settled at 'Heathfield', Chislehurst Road, Orpington. They had the following children:

Alexander George Cryer, old

Alexander George Cryer as an older man

Maria Alice Cryer (formerly Maria Alice Webb) known as Rydie

Maria Alice Cryer as an older woman

Alex or Alec Cryer (both names seem to have been used) worked himself up from a clerk at Pilchers Paints, Tooley Street, Bermondsey, London to be its managing director. He served as president of the National Federation of Paint, Colour and Varnish Manufacturers of the United Kingdom; as chair of the National Society for the Preservation of Property and on various committees including those of the Congregational Church at St Mary Cray, Orpington.

He died at the age of 62 on 4 March 1927, before Neil was born, and he was buried at All Saints Parish Churchyard, Orpington. Maria Alice then went to live with her elder son and survived her husband by a number of years.

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