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Henry BOULT (1794-1877) butcher of Winkfield, Berkshire

Researching Neil's Boult ancestry involved working backwards through the generations, as explained on the pages for Henry Boult (1865 - 1919) and his father Henry John Boult.

The search for Henry John's father, started with Henry John's marriage certificate. This documented his father as Henry Boult, a butcher. I could find only one Henry Boult, butcher in the censuses and he was born in Winkfield in Berkshire about 1794. (As argued on the ancestry in Berkshire page, he was probably born on 2 Jan 1793.) Fortunately, from the point of view of the research, he lived during three censuses, so it was relatively straightforward to find out more about him. His wife was Rachel, born Arborfield, Berkshire, and the couple had the following known children, where the additional details come from censuses and the IGI:

Line of descent from Henry Boult (1794-1877)

Line of descent from Henry Boult (1794-1877) to Neil Cryer.
* represents date of baptism not birth

All the children except Henry John appeared at some point in censuses with their parents Henry and Rachel and were recorded as born in Bray, Berkshire, a few miles from Winkfield (although other records suggest that the enumerator was not fully informed on the details of the birthplaces of all the children). Henry John, on the other hand, never appeared in a census with his parents and was, according to his own census submissions, born in Clerkenwell, then Middlesex, now London. Consequently, it would be fair to question whether he really did belong to the family. In fact it is beyond doubt for the following reasons which, also shed light on Rachel's ancestry.

The IGI gives a baptismal record for Rachel Johnson in Arborfield, which is in the country of Berkshire. Her parents were Richard Johnson and Sarah. Yet the date of Rachel's baptism is puzzling - 6 April 1806. It made her 36 in 1841 against the census data of 33; 46 in 1851 against the census data - which was difficult to read - of either 42 or 44; 66 in 1871 against the census data of 63. (The couple seem to be missing in 1861.) Errors of a few years are understandable in 1841 when ages of adults were supposed to be rounded down into five year groupings, which not all enumerators seem to have understood, but the later errors cannot be explained this way. Presumably Rachel or Henry had their own reasons. Careful examination of the records refutes any possibility that two different Rachels were involved.

The last census entry for Henry and Rachel is in 1871 for 11 Seal Street, Bristol where he at 77 was listed as a retired butcher. The move to Bristol was presumably to be with the family of their youngest daughter Elizabeth who were based there.

Henry died on 8 March 1877 age 84 of senile decay in Bristol. Much of the death certificate is difficult to read but what can certainly be made out is that (1) he was documented as a retired butcher and (2) that the informant was Henry John Boult, son. All that can be made out of Henry John's address is 20 (?) King Street, ..., London, West. Henry's Bristol address seems to be L ... House, Upper E ....

Rachel survived Henry by seven years, dying on 13 Oct 1884 in Barton Regis, now Clifton, Bristol. Her death certificate gave her as age 76, widow of Henry Boult, butcher, senile decreptitude, general paralysis (12 months). Present at the death was George Lusty, son-in-law, of 1 Philip Street, Marsh, Bristol.

Incidentally Henry Boult may have met John Best (1776-before 1841) professionally, as both were butchers. This could have set up family friendships instrumental in the meeting and subsequent marriages of Henry's great granddaughter, Lucy Amy Boult, and John's grandson, Frederick Barrington Best.

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