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Will of Francis BARRINGTON / BERRINGTON (c1688-1762)

This page shows main points, names and relationships from the will of Francis Barrington (Francis Berrington) gentleman of Seal (or Seale) in Kent, dated 30 October 1754 and proved 19 November 1762. The full transcript has not been attempted because the old writing is so difficult to read.

Note that the Francis, baptised as Francis Barrington, began to spell his surname as Berrington sometime between 1749 and 1754. In fact this was how his grandfather and great grandfather in Datchet had spelt the name; it was Francis's father Robert who seems to have first used the Barrington spelling. Francis's will is in the name of Francis Berrington, but he baptised all his children as Barringtons.

The individuals mentioned in the will are:

The original will can be downloaded from the National Archives.

Will of Francis Berrington of Seale, gentleman, dated 30 October 1754, proved 19 November 1762

In the name of God. Amen.

Francis Berrington of Seale in the county of Kent, gentlemen, being infirm in body but of a sound and disposing mind and memory (praised be God for the same) do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, that is to say first and principally surrender up my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator hoping to be saved by and through the only merits and satisfaction of Jesus Christ my saviour and Redeemer and my body I commit to the earth to be reverently interned and buried by and at the discretion of my executor herein after named. Also I give and .... All that my messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell with the Barns stables outhouses edifices ... yards barksides Gardens orchards and several pieces or parcels of the land in arable all born meadows pasture and wood with their and ... of their rights ... and appur.... Pertaining by estimation 60 acres be there more or less dairy in to the said messuage or ... belonging or appertaining or therewith buying be now or late used occupied or enjoyed situate buying and being at or near Soant Street* in the parish of Seale aforesaid in the county of Kent. And also all that my piece or parcel of land called are known by the name of Beer Croft or .... Otherwise called or no own or whether called or known by any names or not being partly woodland and partly planted with ... containing by estimation two acres be there more less thereof be there more less with the ... situate lying or being at Seale aforesaid at or near .... And adjoining the lands of John Pratt Esquire and is now in my own ... possession and occupation. And also all that my piece or parcel of land called the pond field or howsoever otherwise called or known all whether called or known by any name on names not containing the by estimation two acres be there more less thereof with the ... situate lying and be at or near Soant Street in the parish of Seale aforesaid in the county of Kent and adjoining to the land's of Godfrey .... In the occupation of S... ..isley and is now in my own tenement possession and occupation and which said piece or parcel of land last mentioned ... to me together with other lands upon the decease of my late sister Elizabeth Berrington unto my son French Berrington and to his heirs and assigns forever. Also I give and ... all that my messuage tenements or farm called are known by the name of ...irkmores and all and singular the Barns edifices buildings ... yards gardens orchards lands meadows pastures and feedings ....... Also all those two parts and parcels of lands meadows and pasture with the .... Called are known by the name of Markfield .... Heretofore purchased of John Oliver and containing by estimation 18 acres more less .... Now or in the ten-year or occupation of Robert Christopher his assigns or .... ...parish of Chelsfield and is now in the occupation of the widow Everest .... parishes of Wrotham and Shipborne now in the occupation of Rowland or his assigns.

.... my three sons Robert Berrington, Francis Berrington and Thomas Berrington. My daughter Mary Berrington, my daughter Ann the wife of John - first sons John Camp, Thomas camp. My daughter Elizabeth Berrington. Margaret Holmden, daughter of my sister Ann Holmden .... Elizabeth Morgan daughter of John Morgan of Sevenoaks in the county of Kent carpenter, daughter Emmie - her daughter Mary Moyst.

signed 30 October 1754 proved at London 19 November 1762

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