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Update on the research into the Kent BARRINGTONs

By June 2006 the research into Neil's Barrington ancestry appeared to have reached a conclusion. No more sources had come to light, and the outcomes to date were more or less acceptable: - The royal and noble associations, although not proven, were fascinating and reasonable, and tracing back across different parishes to c1688 seemed quite a feat. I would, however, keep what I had on the web, just in case anyone with additional information might hit on it and get in touch. This would do no harm, although the chances of it doing any good seemed very remote indeed.

However, luck was on my side in the form of Geoff Copus, the author of Chelsfield Chronicles, a book about the village of Chelsfield in Kent between 1450 and 1920. In the course of five decades of research he had amassed various old documents* which he generously shared. These showed without a doubt that Francis Barrington was the only son of Robert and his wife Anne, born Ann French. The documents were in the name of Berrington rather than Barrington although others consulted afterwards as a result of the ensuing leads did use the Barrington spelling. The documents also showed that Robert was 'of Seal' in Kent (which agreed with my own findings for Francis) and also 'of the Middle Temple' which was new to me.

On the basis of this new information, I was able to find the baptism of Francis Barrington in the IGI and obtain further information from the certificate in the London Guildhall archives. I was also able to locate abstracts of deeds via the web** which showed links between Francis' father, Robert and two Berringtons: a Thomas Berrington and an Anne Berrington of Datchet in the county of Buckinghamshire. Robert was documented as a Berrington, rather than a Barrington, but it was clearly him because of the Seal and Middle Temple associations. So it was reasonable to assume that the three individuals were related. This in turn pointed to additional information from the web*** about the Datchet Berringtons. Yet more information came from the archivist at the Middle Temple who provided records**** confirming the Datchet association.

All these new records are rich with information which will take quite a while to process. The first outcome is a new page on the Datchet Berringtons and the second is a new page on Robert Barrington/Berrington, the father of Francis.


* Indenture of 9 June 1688 involving Robert Berrington, his wife Anne (formerly Anne French) and providing various relationships and lists of properties. Also notes from Arthur Waring, made in 1912. (Other material from Geoff Copus on matters not directly related to this page will form the basis of one or more new pages in due course.)

** A Calendar of Deeds and other Records preserved in the Muniment Room at the Museum, Aylesbury, printed for the Records Branch of the Buckinghamshire Archealogical Society, 1941.

*** All the websites seem to be sub-webs, either off totally different sites or of international genealogy sites. The best way to locate them would be a search on Berrington Datchet. None of the site owners seem to be contactable electronically.

**** The Admissions Register for the Middle Temple.

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