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Research status of the Kent BARRINGTONs: before June 2006

This page documents the status of the research into Neil's Barrington ancestry as of the early summer of 2006. It summarises the sources checked, the outcomes and the dead ends and why it seemed impossible to take back the Barrington ancestry of the Best family beyond Francis Barrington (1685-1762) of Seal, Kent. Later in the summer, rich new material did become available, so this needs to read in conjunction with the page on the research update. This page has been left as it was prior to the new information, in order to illustrate the highs and lows of family history research.

Now read the UPDATE!

I have tried the following routes to take the line back before the Francis shown in the chart, but so far have met only with dead ends:

line of descent chart from Francis Barrington (c1688-1762)

With no more sources to try, the best way forward now seems to be to link in with the research of others. Hopefully someone with information to share may get in touch through this website.

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